Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau
Major solo show
February - May 2023

La Ferme des Tilleuls, Renens
Solo show
February - June 2023

Le Parti pris des choses
Centre photographique Rouen Normandie
November 2022 - February 2023




Lucie Rihs, studio manager


Galerie Nicola von Senger, Zürich
Feldbusch Wiesner Rudolph, Berlin
Stieglitz19, Antwerpen
Galerie C, Neuchâtel
Gallery Naruyama, Tokyo
1/9 unosunove, Roma 


It may get loud and uncomfortable. That suits Augustin Rebetez (*1986) just fine : he has no qualms about challenging his public and is happy to fight fire with fire. In an instant, the bleak chill of winter is replaced with a pleasant warmth. Rebetez’ works crackle with energy and declare his delight in transforming the challenges and contradictions of modern life into a sensory storm. The creations by the artist from western Switzerland conjure up fantastical worlds and shatter everyday conventions with sinister nonchalance.

Rebetez is both a collector and a storyteller. He simply assimilates relatable symbols which resonate between cultures and condenses them into ensembles and scenographies. Thus, he creates expansive, multi-layered installations from the most diverse media to achieve a poetic blend of total art.  

Since 2009, he has exhibited his work all over the world including the Sydney Biennale, the Rencontres d’Arles, the SESC in São Paulo, the Daegu Photo Biennale, the Tinguely Museum in Basel or the Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale.

He received different elegant awards, including the Vevey International Photography Prize, the Swiss Art Awards or the Prize Fondation Latour. 

In his vibrant exploration of total art, he collaborates with many artisans, models, musicians and punks, but also art institutions, theaters and art galleries.
Most of his books are now published by Label Rapace.

Often abroad, he is based in a small village in the swiss countryside, where he uses his large house as a studio and open artistic residence. Welcome.